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Welcome!  I am a wedding and event planner based out of Port St. Lucie Florida. I understand the importance of what every event means to the client. At Wedding and Event Essentials we will work with you to create an extraordinarily memorable and inspired event that is truly personal and stress free. Wedding and event planning is a collaborative process in which I coordinate all services to be sure they are 100% catered to your needs. From the very first planning meeting through the implementation of your event, we will be there to guide you through every step. We work to create an event that is fresh and unique, whether it is to help you to plan your special occasion such as a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, or corporate event. You can be assured that we will follow through on every detail.

Avoid wedding day stress. Check out my wedding day tips below!
Alla Furbee
The Dress and Shoes
Try your dress a month before and a few days before the wedding. If there is a weight change or a defect in the dress then you have time to make corrections. Make sure the dressmaker is available to correct any issues.
Don't let the wedding day be the first day you wear those new shoes. Purchase them a few weeks or month befor teh wedding and wear them regularly. This will help the shoes conform to your feet and be comfortable the day of.
You will discover there is lots of thinks to do before the wedding. Don't wait until the last minute! A good wedding plan will begin long before D-Day and solves problems along the way to prevent last minute stress. Finish your table plan and signage as was well as any DIYs at least a week befor the big day. A calm and restful week will keep you stress free and in a good state of mind.
Take time for yourself. It is essential that you feel relaxed and free from pressure. It's only one day and it will go by quickly. Take advantage  and memorize every moment. These are precious moments for you and your soul mate. Most importantly - Trust and rely on your wedding planner to guide you and your guest to  an amazing new chapter in your life.
The Weather
Every bride and groom hopes for that beautiful clear sunny day for the wedding. Just bring a few large white or clear umbrellas for that just in case moment to protect you in case of rain. White umbrellas are also great even on sunny days for keeping you cool and make nice props for photos. Likewise, for outdoor weddings or receptions have a plan B in case of bad weather.  Plan B should be made months in advance.
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